And it Begins…


Here it is! My first blog post…ever! So, I am not quite sure yet what I would like this blog to be. I have a few different categories I am interested in writing about, but ultimately I think it is easier to follow and maintain a blog if it is topic specific. HOWEVER, in the mean time I will be testing out different topics, beginning with travel.

Travel: Want 
Now, I haven’t been to many places yet. Even the places I have been to I didn’t document too well, so I’m gonna talk about the places I want to visit.


Krabi Beach, Thailand

Krabi Beach, Thailand

Rayavadee Resort, Thailand

Rayavadee Resort, Thailand

Calatorii, Thailand

Calatorii, Thailand Calatorii, Thailand

I have always heard about Thailand-that it is a beautiful place with incredible scenery, views, serenity and culture. I have always dreamed of going to Thailand, and I sincerely hope to some day. Similar in appeal and fame is also the Maldives. Another place that looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL and luxurious. I can think of nothing more remarkable to visit than polynesian areas.

This was mostly a tester post, but I will continue with the Maldives and hopefully a little more substance in my next post! If some day someone is reading this, thank you for reading!!