Summer shopping!

I am in desperate need for new clothes before the summer comes along. Unfortunately, I was cursed with expensive taste…and as a college kid I have no money. Even with a job. So I just have to search for the LESS expensive versions of what I like, here are some I found today:

Image      dress3       dress4      dress2

These are some great dresses I found on a site called NastyGal. These four dresses range from $48 – $68. I realize that’s not exactly cheap, but it is better than the comparable dresses at places like FreePeople that will cost you your first born child and all its toys. I never heard of this site before, but a friend of mine studying fashion posted about it on Facebook and I’m glad I looked. I tried to link these pictures to their respective web pages for you, hopefully it worked!

If you like the styles you’re seeing here, then stay tuned for my next findings! I plan to share my findings here for anyone who is interested. For now I’d like to keep these posts short since I’m still getting the hang of this and don’t really have anything interesting to say yet. Hopefully I’ll get it soon and these posts will be better!

Thanks for reading! Til next time, cheers.