HELP!!! Camera Search


I am in the market for a new camera, and I am hoping to get some advice! I know a lot of you out there are big on photography, so hopefully you have some tips for me!?

I used to have a very good camera, but that was when digital cameras first came out, so I am hoping to get some recommendations on what is good today. I do understand technical stuff about electronics, so feel free to get technical. But most of all I am hoping that personal experience can compel some of you to give me sincere recommendations because you just loved the one you use(d) so much!

What I am looking for:


  • Compact, easily portable
  • Nothing too extravagant–I am not a professional and I have a budget!
  • Beautiful quality photos with some cool features (ie filters, shutter-speed/exposure options, etc)
  • Below $400

DO NOT NEED: internet/wifi, interchangeable lenses (tho I wouldn’t hate them!), especially good video recording

I have looked into these “Compact System Cameras”, and they look really great. I think something in that genre is what I’m looking for. I would LOVE DSLR but not only would I not know how to operate something that complicated, but it’s just a lot more than I want to carry around/be responsible for.

If anyone has got any suggestions for me, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Thank you in advance :]