New Camera At Last!! …how do I use it…


After much deliberation and research, I have FINALLY purchased my next camera: the Panasonic Lumix LX7.

Now, this camera is sort of out of my league. I know, well, basically nothing about cameras. I don’t really know how to operate manual controls, and this camera is choc-full of them. I got it anyway because I want a high quality image camera, and I’m not going to get that without learning the ropes! The LX7 will let me do just that with some assistance and for a reasonable price.

HOWEVER-if anyone knows of any nice tutorials of how to use things like aperture, shutter speed, focus, ISO, etc…PLEASE SHARE!!!

I have a pretty rough understanding of each of these things and what they are, but what I don’t understand is how to decide what to set them to. So for instance, if I want to produce an image with a super crisp and clear foreground, and a more blurred and distanced looking background-I understand that I need to decrease the aperture, but what do I set it to? Should I just trust what I see on the camera display? What do I set the focus to?

I imagine that most of this will just come with practice and experience, along with reading and reading and reading. So I know that that is what I must do, but if anyone has any suggested reading or tutorials, it would be much obliged!!!

This will most likely be the site of a lot of my photography tests, so hopefully I can get to uploading pictures soon and hoping for some feedback from you grizzled photographers :)
I’ll be off to London and Spain tomorrow for a little while, so I hope to get some really great practice there!!!