Cyber Book Club!

Hey readers!

I have been MIA from the blogosphere for quite some time, because things have been pretty crazy! Since my last post I…

  • Graduated college and received my bachelors
  • Spent a weekend in London
  • Revisited Spain
  • Spent a month in Uruguay living with family
  • Started a cyber book club

It’s been great fun, but now I’ve got plenty to update you all on! With so much to tell, I will have to take it one day at a time. So for today, let me tell you about my new blog based book club!


Long Distance Book Clubbing

For two years during college, I lived with roommate and dear friend, Jordyn. For the next two years after that, we did not live together, but we still lived on the same campus and saw each other nearly every day. After four years of hanging out and creating memories, we had to separate back to our own home states :(

So the distance and lack of communication inspired us to create a way to keep in touch and bond over something despite being nowhere near each other: A Long Distance Book Club!@@*&#(@#&!)@!(!!!

We created a WordPress blog called Long Distance Book Clubbing, run by blogging crew “Wordland Elves”. While our blog is mostly done, we are still working out the structure of the club, so it is not ready just yet. However, if you are interested AT ALL, please check out our blog and look through. We have a reading list and some further information posted throughout.

If you like what you see and are at all interested in joining us in our cyber book club, let us know!!! The more interest, the better for the club! We would love to grow our numbers, because nothing is better than bonding over books =]

Here is a Contact form for those interested. You can also find this form through our blog: