Review: Phone Repair (Long Island,NY)

>Have you broken your iPhone screen recently?

>Are you having trouble finding an affordable fix for your phone?

>Do you live on Long Island?


If you can answer “yes” to those questions, then maybe I can give you a helpful suggestion!

I found Long Island iPhone Repair (also has a presence in Manhattan, but I visited the Long Island location), and went to them today to get my phone fixed. Here was my experience in a snapshot:

    1. Quick ||  7 – 15 mins
    2. Affordable ||  $90.00
    3. Personal Service ||  Work is guaranteed
    4. Quality Results ||  Flawless Execution

Bottom line is, I recommend this repair shop, and I want to talk about it because it took me MONTHS to find a repair shop that could give me quality service for a fair price. Now… BEFORE YOU GO, you should finish reading this post just so you know what to expect, since it is not a typical shop – but it is worth your business.

The Manhattan locale is a proper storefront, but let me forewarn you that the Long Island (Great Neck) location is a small shop run out of a big house. In order to visit the Great Neck shop, you have to call the number on the website (contact info also below), and they will set an appointment for you. Since it’s at a house, there’s a specific procedure to how your appointment will go. I describe it below.


My Experience:

My appointment was for 7:30pm. I showed up around 7:15pm and began what ended up being a line of cars parked on the street right in front of the house.

When the repair man showed up (presumably from the storefront he runs in Manhattan), he began going down the line of cars introducing himself, explaining the process, and taking each person’s damaged iPhone.

He advised it may take a little longer since there were so many customers in line (original estimate was 7 mins; amended to 20 mins).

Meanwhile, customers wait in their cars (which is just more comfortable for everyone).

15 minutes later, he returned to my car with my beautifully repaired phone in hand. He explained what he did, and told me to make sure I am happy with his work, and if not he invites you to call.

Lastly, he took my payment (I paid cash, though he may accept cards with Square), and within 15-20 minutes, I was on my way with my like-new iPhone!

So if you’re in need and you live on Long Island, and you’d rather not pay $150… I would recommend Long Island iPhone Repair.


Long Island iPhone Repair


Great Neck, NY

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