My Bio

Virginia Garcia

       Welcome to my blog! My name is Virginia Garcia, and I am a student finishing my bachelors degree in International Relations at the University of Delaware. (My picture is a tad outdated…)

I am new at blogging, so be patient with me and my blog! So here’s a little bit about me:

Who: Virginia Garcia

What: Student at University of Delaware, graduating this semester

Where: School in Delaware; Home in New York

When: Older than 18, but not quite 30

Why: Why?!!?! Because you’re reading. Because I have things to say. Because the internet is free here. Because it’s a way to connect. Because there are just some things that must be shared. BECAUSE I CAN!

Lightening Round:

I love PUPPIES, I love food, I LOVE music, I love ART, I love cultures. I also love politics and economics, but in a very different way. I love to learn, I love to teach, I love to connect, I love to travel, I love to discover. I play cello, guitar and have dabbled with a couple other instruments. I was an ARTIST in high school, and don’t keep up with art as much but I’m still an artist at heart. I love languages and grew up speaking Spanish, studied French throughout life, and have just begun Italian. I enjoy watching SPORTS. I love the New York Rangers and hockey as a whole. I like to watch basketball, I like to watch the Heat and support DA NETS. I like to watch football and am a recent Ravens fan. Baseball makes me sad. I love SOCCER and would give up my first born to go to the World Cup. My national team is Uruguay, where my parents & family are from.

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→* New Blog! : I am now also co-blogger of cyber book club Long Distance Book Clubbing, run by blogging crew “Wordland Elves”, and we would love for you to check out our page!!! *←